"My name's Money" Concept/Story

Following the debut single “Mister”, EvaLorys introduces the second single “My name Is Money”. This new release represents the second stage of her journey which crosses the borders of the timeless moral issues in our daily lives.In this track “Money” is allegorically personified as a moving, talking, contriving entity which introduces itself as “My name is Money”.

Money” boasts of its astounding abilities to lavish upon us limitless gifts at an illimitable price. Its spellbinding promises blind us to the point where we fail to see the boundary where our freedom ends and the power of money begins.

We wage wars, we steal, we betray, all for the sake of money but while we are filling our pockets at the expense of others, our souls are consumed and we plunge into a bottomless abyss from which our spirit has no return.

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 "Sometimes society tends to ostracize awkward people who don’t have the perfect image."


"Mister" : Concept/Story

The video focuses on two main characters who are both brothers of the artist and singer of “Mister”. One brother is a very overweight but determined thirty-year-old. The other is a slim and crafty twelve year-old who also happens to be a talented dancer. The two mischievous brothers, who harbor a little envy, decide to put together a music video for Mister starring themselves and various other characters... and they do it all without telling their sister.

The artist only appears at the start of the video but doesn’t reveal her identity. We can see her reading a newspaper in a chauffeur driven vintage cabriolet Pontiac. Disappointed by the kind of news the media divulges, she throws the paper away as a sign of rebellion.


- The two brothers (they wants to become web stars)     - The three housemaids (unexpected wannabe dancers)
- The butler (constant target of the brothers’ pranks)      - The grandmother (only interested in her rehabilitation walks)
- And two friends, a tennis player and a rugby player.

Wanting to imitate the artist’s choreographic skills, the two brothers and a friend improvise a dance routine. The climax of this clip is when the two adults make fools of themselves during a breakdance scene whereas the young boy performs very well indeed!
Later we find out that, unknown to the sister, the video was entirely made by the two irresponsible brothers. Seeing as they strongly believe in their sister’s music and failing to understand why she is taking so long to publish her work, they decide to do it for her.
At the end of the video the two brothers unashamedly reveal that not only have they just uploaded this song on Youtube but have also created a Facebook page and a Twitter account to boot!
The sun is setting, the artist is returning home and the two brothers run off well aware that sooner or later they’ll have to pay the consequences of their misdeeds.
Meaning of video
The behavior of the two brothers goes to show that everybody has it in them to be protagonists even if they aren’t necessarily professional artists. What holds back most people from expressing themselves is the daily repressions that social conventions imposes on them.
They don’t really believe that there is a real chance of them becoming stars so their grotesque behavior is an act of release. It’s almost a rejection of the usual clichés, in everyday life as well as in the making of icons, whose lifestyles are so far from our reality. The pretense and the vulgarity we witness in most of music videos embodies this concept in full.